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Christopher Breene (@GoForTopherB) leads September's DC Tech Meetup with his own health story as well as a remembrance of Jess Jacobs (#UnicornJess) - Christopher's story can be accessed here:
Christopher Breene (@GoForTopherB) leads September’s DC Tech Meetup with his own health story as well as a remembrance of Jess Jacobs (#UnicornJess) – Christopher’s story can be accessed here:

The tech giants [1] or Big Tech [2] or S&P 5 [3] means the largest and most prominent companies in the information technology industry, especially the “Big Five” American technology companies – Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft. . Since the end of 2010, these five, in addition to Saudi Aramco, are the most globally valued public companies, [4] each with a maximum market capitalization of about $ 500 billion to about $ 2.0 trillion at various points. Is on. [5] Some have speculated that it should not be potential to measure within the every day digital world outside the ecosystems created by these companies, [6] and issues over monopoly practices junction rectifier to fair investigations from the Department of Justice and therefore the Federal body Commission is. within the United States, [7] [8] [9] and the European Commission [10]. Commentators have questioned the privacy, market power, free speech and censorship (including inappropriate content) of those companies, and the impact on national security and law enforcement. [11] On the opposite hand, by providing reasonable or free services to consumers, they continue to be popular. [12] Membership and Definitions The term huge technical school typically breaks down into a lot of specific sub-groups. [13] Big four The “Big Four” includes Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, commonly referred to as GAFA (GAFA), Gang of Four (after the Gang of Four political faction in China), Four Horsemen (of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) The latter) is called, or simply the four. [14] [15] [16] [17] Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, author Phil Simon and Professor Scott Galloway have grouped GAFA companies together (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple), based on which companies have dominated and played a role in online activities. Has driven major social change through. . This is in contrast to other big tech companies such as Microsoft and IBM according to Simon and Galloway. [16] [18] Eric Schmidt excluded Microsoft from agglomeration, stating that “Microsoft is not driving the consumer revolution in the minds of consumers.” . “[19] GAFAM (Gafam) A more inclusive group is referred to as the GAFAM or “Big Five”, which defines Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft as tech giants. [20] [21] [22] [23 ] In addition to Saudi Aramco, GAFAM companies are the five most valuable public corporations in the world, measured by market capitalization. [4] Nikos Smirnayos justified GAFAM grouping as a group that valued market power, financial power, and capitalism. Appears to take control of the Internet using patent rights and copyrights within a context of. [24] FAANG (Fang) In finance, FAANG is an acronym that refers to shares of five major US technology companies: Facebook (F), Amazon (A), Apple (A), Netflix (N), Google (G). [25 ] [26] In 2013 the term was coined by CNBCs Mad Money television host Jim Cramer, who praised these companies for being “fully effective in their markets”. As of 2017, FANG was limited to Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. Market dominance Amazon is that the market leader in e-commerce and 50% of all on-line sales bear the platform; Cloud computing, with around 32% market share, and Twitch live-streaming with 75.6% market share. Amazon is to boot a market leader within the field of artificial intelligence-based personal digital assistants and sensible speakers (Amazon Echo), with 69% market share, followed by Google (Google Home) in 25% of the market. Apple sells high-margin smartphones and alternative client physical science devices, sharing a monopoly with Google in the field of mobile in operation systems: 27% of the market relating to Apple (iOS) and 72% to Google (Android). [27] [28] Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon have been referred to as the “Big Three” of digital advertising. [29] In addition to social networking, Facebook offers online image sharing (Instagram) and online messaging (WhatsApp) functions. Also dominates. Google is a leader in online search (Google search), online video sharing (YouTube) and online mapping-based navigation (Google Maps). Microsoft continues to dominate the desktop operating system market share (Microsoft Windows) [30] and office productivity software (Microsoft Office). Microsoft is the second largest company in the cloud computing industry (Microsoft Azure), [31] after Amazon, and one of the largest players in the video game industry (Xbox). The tech giant has replaced energy giants such as Exxon Mobil, BP, Gazprom, PetroChina and Royal Dutch Shell (“Big Oil”) at the top of the NASDADA stock index since the first decade of the 21st century. He also roped in traditional big media companies such as Disney, AT&T, Comcast and 21st Century Fox (“Big Media”). [32] Left behind. In 2017, the five largest US IT companies had a combined valuation of over $ 3.3 trillion, and made up more than 40 percent of the value of the Nasdaq 100. [27]


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